HCA Healthcare Magazine

Pace Communications
Greensboro, NC


Art Direction


  • Kevin de Miranda, Group Creative Director
  • Brian Cook, Senior Editor
  • Steven Lyons, Art Director
  • Tracy James, Photo Editor
  • Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Illustrator

Pace Communications approached me in need of an art director to concept and layout HCA Healthcare’s associate magazine on a very tight turn. With a limited number of allocated hours and a hard delivery deadline, we needed to apply the style of HCA’s recent corporate rebranding into a 20 page publication.

After acclimating quickly to Pace’s internal processes and remotely meeting my new team, I began with developing a document grid and typography styles. Working with edit team on pagination and placement led to designing feature layouts and dropping in content. We wanted the design to reinforce the three pillars of HCA’s identity, Raise the Bar, Unlock Possibilities, and Care Like Family, so we set up the features as sections containing employee interviews and corresponding content.

Although new concept photography was available for use, two features needed illustrations to convey their message. After selecting an illustrator that fit HCA’s brand style, I sketched concepts for those illustrations as direction for our artist.

Pace had delivered an initial pitch concept to HCA, however they wanted to see additional cover designs before signing off on direction. Unfortunately, the client needed to present those new concepts to leadership 2 hours after I signed the contract. Jumping in, I delivered new options in time for the presentation.

After FOB content, features began with a lead-in spread of a pillar explanation and supporting employee interviews. The second spread featured a corresponding story under that pillar. The primary illustration was a complex concept showing how team members across the network came together to solve a patient’s case.